Special Researcher at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University . 


Office 429 

PhD 2012 (Paris 6). Research interests: 

  • Arakelov Geometry

  • Number Theory.

  • Other things..


Commutative rings and Homological algebra (Spring 2018)

Applied Functional Analysis (Fall 2018)

Homework for Applied Functional Analysis

Commutative rings and Homological algebra (Spring 2019)

Applied Functional Analysis (Fall 2019)

Notes on Diophantine Geometry and transcendental numbers

Lectures on Algebraic Geometry (2018) every Monday  from 09:00 to 11:00 

(The main reference is Elements de Geometrie Algerique, A. Grothendieck (IHES)) 

  • An overview of the theory of (additive/abelian/..) categories (Sur quelques points d'Algebre Homologique, A. Grothendieck. Tohoku). 

  • Derived functors (Tohoku)

  • Presheaves and sheaves with values in a category. Direct and inverse image (EGA1).

  • Ringed spaces (EGA1).

  • Quasi-coherent and coherent sheaves (EGA1).

  • Affine schemes, schemes (EGA1). 

  • Affine morphisms and Vector bundles (EGA2).

  • Projective schemes.

  • Grothendieck topologies-1

Introduction to Grothendieck topologies and etale cohomology (2019) every Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00

  •     Review of the theory of categories, projective and injective limits, adjoint morphisms (Expose I, SGA4)

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